HC Deb 18 April 1910 vol 16 c1693

asked the Attorney-General what is the date of the restriction imposed at present on the Law Officers of the Crown in England to refrain from private practice at the Bar while holding the office of Law Officer of the Crown, while a similar restriction is not imposed on the Law Officers of the Crown for Scotland and Ireland; by what authority was the restriction imposed; and what is the reason for its existence?


A partial restriction from private practice was first imposed on the English Law Officers in 1892. That restriction was made complete in 1894. It was imposed by the authority of the Treasury for the purpose, I believe, of securing that the entire services of the Law Officers should be available in the courts for the Crown.


Was not this restriction first established after the first Attorney-Generalship of Sir Richard Webster, and was it not established owing to the incompatibility of a Law Officer of the Crown being at the same time the chief legal agent for "The Times" and Pigott?


The answer is correct as to the fact, but as to the precise reason which operated on the mind of the Government, I am not authorised, or able, to speak.