HC Deb 18 April 1910 vol 16 cc1689-90

asked the Lord Advocate if his attention has been directed to the Report by the Commissioners of Inquiry appointed in 1883 to consider the condition of the crofters and cottars in the Highlands and islands of Scotland, with special reference to a pier at Foula; and, in view of the facts that the Congested Districts Board has inti- mated a considerable grant towards the work, and that the county council of Zetland has had the matter under its consideration, will he inquire of the county council, on whom rests the responsibility for the delay?


I am aware of the observations relative to a suggestion for a boat shelter at Foula in the Report referred to. The offer of a grant was strictly conditional. The conditions have not been fulfilled; and the Congested Districts Board have no means of enforcing them. I am unable to see that the course suggested by my hon. Friend would fulfil any useful purpose.