HC Deb 14 April 1910 vol 16 cc1395-6

asked the Chief Secretary whether 17,944 tenants in county Cork have purchased their holdings under the Wyndham Act at a price of £8,346,257; and whether the average price paid was 21.3 years' purchase?


Purchase agreements have been lodged in direct sales under the Irish Land Act, 1903, for the sale of 18,184 holdings in the county Cork. The purchase money in such agreements amounts to £8,497,642, which works out at 21.2 years' purchase of all classes of rent.


asked the Chief Secretary whether the allotment of untenanted land on the Caldbeck estate, Ballaoolla, Queen's County, made to John Drennan, under the inspector's (Mr. Booth) scheme of February, 1909, is now proposed to be handed over to the bailiff of the estate, named Guilfoyle; and, if so, will he see that the original scheme is adhered to in its entirety, as it was part of a compromise entered into by all parties concerned in the locality?


I have nothing to add to my reply to the question on the same subject asked by the hon. Member on the 12th instant.


asked the Chief Secretary whether, in the scheme which is being drawn up for the distribution of the untenanted land on the Little estate, at Moorestown, Kilfinane, county Limerick, the claims of the town tenants for allotments have been gone into; and, in view of the fact that those people have not a place for even a plant of cabbage, will he recommend the Estates Commissioners to urge on the inspector in charge of the estate, Mr. Byrne, to carefully consider their position and thus avoid any trouble or confusion which doubtless will arise if their claims are not investigated?


I have nothing to add to my answer to the question on the same subject asked by the hon. Member on 7th March.


asked the Chief Secretary whether he is aware that in some cases the Estates Commissioners perpetuate the ranching evil by sanctioning the sale of large grazing tracts to nonresident graziers holding only a grazing tenancy without power to build, till, or give employment, and who purpose continuing the same sort of farming, while uneconomic landholders and landless people in the neighbourhood are forced to emigrate for want of either land or employment; and whether, in view of the intentions of Parliament and the professions of the Government, he will state the sort of grazing tenancy, if any, in which the Commissioners, in their discretion, would not advance public money for the purpose of purchase?


I am not aware of any ground for the allegation contained in the first part of this question. As regards the limitation or prohibition of advances, I would refer the hon. Member to Sections 15 and 16 of the Irish Land Act, 1909.