HC Deb 14 April 1910 vol 16 cc1410-1

asked whether the Secretary for India is willing to appoint a Committee or Royal Commission to inquire into the system of elementary and higher education in India, with a view to ascertaining the extent to which it is at present adapted to the needs and social conditions of the native population?


The demand and necessity for an improved system of education in India call for comprehensive and urgent recognition. The Secretary of State is unable at present to give an undertaking as to the appointment of a Committee or Commission, but he recognises the probable advantages of proceeding by such means. Perhaps the hon. Member will repeat his question when the Secretary of State has had an opportunity of considering further this important matter from practical points of view.


May I ask whether the latest writer of authority on this subject has not condemned the British Government for having rashly conceded university and secondary education before having taught the masses how to read?


If my hon. Friend will refer to the Debates which took place in the Viceroy's Council on the introduction of the Indian Budget, he will see the full references to this question.