HC Deb 13 April 1910 vol 16 cc1227-8

asked the Postmaster-General whether it is the practice to place sorting clerks and telegraphists in charge of post offices while the postmaster is on annual leave without giving the men additional allowance; whether these persons are debarred from receiving overtime pay for extra duty on week-days or Sundays whilst in charge; and whether he will consider the advisability of granting duty pay to all officials who substitute postmasters on holidays and thereby incur increased financial responsibility?

The POSTMASTER-GENERAL (Mr. Herbert Samuel)

It is only at the smallest post offices that a sorting clerk and telegraphist would be placed in charge during the absence of the postmaster on annual leave. That absence is of short duration, and I see no hardship in requiring the temporary charge to be accepted in such circumstances without special remuneration. If the absence is prolonged beyond two months, or if an officer is required to take charge of an office not his own, an additional allowance is granted. An officer placed in charge without allowance may receive extra duty or Sunday duty pay provided that the extra duty or Sunday duty is in addition to that proper to the postmaster, and that the extra duty can be properly certified. He should not perform extra duty as a sorting clerk and telegraphist while he is acting as postmaster. I do not think there is any good reason for modifying this arrangement.


Seeing that telegraphists and sorters get extra remuneration when they go to other offices, does he not think it unfair when they do extra work at their own offices that they should not get extra remuneration?


The extra payment is not given in respect of the extra duty, but on account of the inconvenience caused by removal.