HC Deb 12 April 1910 vol 16 c1070

asked whether the figure of 42s., given in Table 92, page 194, of Blue Book Cd. 4954, as representing the average market price of wheat in France in 1907, is correct?


also asked whether the figure of 40s. 7d., given in Table 96, page 206, of Blue Book Cd. 4954 as representing the official average price of wheat in France in 1907 is correct?


I will answer these two questions together. The figure of 42s. per quarter given on page 194 of the Blue Book referred to represents correctly the definitive price furnished by the French Government Statistical Office. The figure of 40s. 7d. given on page 206 of the same volume was a provisional figure prepared, as explained in a footnote, on the basis of the average of monthly quotations. The final figure was only received when the Blue Book was passing through the Press, and by an oversight it was not inserted in the Table on page 206.