HC Deb 12 April 1910 vol 16 cc1059-60

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether he will state what proportion the Grant from the Imperial Exchequer towards the total cost of the police forces in England bears to the total cost of the force; the total amount of the Exchequer Grant towards the police rate in England; and the total number of the police force in England and Wales.?

The SECRETARY of STATE for the HOME DEPARTMENT (Mr. Churchill)

The gross cost of the police in England and Wales in 1909 was £6,113,886; the amount received from the Exchequer contribution accounts was £2,229,082: if this and other receipts credited to the various police funds are deducted, the cost falling on local funds was £3,401,155. There is in addition the cost of police superannuation; the total expenditure from the various police pension funds was £1,146,025; the Exchequer contribution was £334,095. If this and other receipts credited to the pension funds are taken into account the excess of expenditure over income was £457,325. Details are given in the tables appended to the Reports of His Majesty's inspectors of constabulary presented annually to Parliament. The established strength of the various police forces on 29th September last was 47,902.


Will the right hon. Gentleman have those figures circulated? I also ask him whether the contribution made by the Imperial Exchequer towards the maintenance of the police is larger or not so large as formerly—I mean the relative proportion between the local and Imperial Grants?


I cannot give an answer to that question without notice. As to circulating these figures, I will see whether it can be done.


Is it proposed to ask for any increase in the Police Vote for the protection of unpopular Cabinet Ministers?


Or company promoters in the City?


If the right hon. Gentleman circulates the information he has given in answer to this question, will he do it at a time when he is able to circulate the additional information asked for by the hon. Member for Salford?


Yes, I will embody the figures in the form of an answer to a written question, and I will add the other figures if they can be obtained; then I will ask the hon. Member to put to me another question.