HC Deb 12 April 1910 vol 16 cc1067-8

asked the First Commissioner of Works whether he is aware that the contractors, Messrs. Hall, Bedall, and Company, employed to do the French-polishing work at the British Museum, did not pay the French polishers the trade union rate of wages in accordance with the Fair Wages Resolution of the House of Commons; if he can state whether the workmen concerned have had the difference in their wages paid to them that they are entitled to; and, if so, whether this was paid by the contractors or by the Treasury; and if he intends removing the name of this firm from the list of contractors to His-Majesty's Government in consequence of this violation of the Fair Wages Resolution?


Having found on 9th March that the French-polishing work at the British Museum was not being paid for at the proper rate, I gave instructions that the contractors, at their own expense, should refund to the workmen concerned the difference between the amounts which had been actually paid to them and those to which they were entitled. This has been done, and I have received the receipts of the workmen. The correct rate will, of course, be paid by the contractors in future. After a careful review of all the facts of the case, I came to the conclusion that the offence did not result from any desire on the part of the contractors to evade the conditions of the Fair Wages Resolution, but I have informed them that on any further infraction of the Board's Regulations they will be struck off the Department's list of contractors.