HC Deb 26 October 1899 vol 77 cc725-6
MR. PIRIE (Aberdeen, N.)

I beg to ask the Under Secretary for War a question of which I have given him private notice with reference to the Hussar officers said to be prisoners in the hands of the Boers. I wish to know to what extent the establishment of officers falls short of its proper complement. I also wish to know what is the total establishment of cavalry officers, and what is required to complete it. Also, will none but cavalry officers be attached to the establishment for special duty with the regiments sent out.


The establishment of the 18th Hussars was complete. Nothing is known as to the reason for the infantry officers having fallen into the enemy's hands, but it is assumed that they belonged to the Mounted Infantry. The peace establishment of officers of the cavalry of the line is 730. The present strength is 702. Twenty cavalry officers have been attached to the cavalry regiments sent from this country. There is no intention of attaching infantry officers.

*MR. GRETTON (Derbyshire, S.)

Can the Under Secretary for War give the House any information as to the fate of the men wounded at Glencoe and Dundee?


I have to convey to the House the sad tidings of the death of General Symons. The news was considerately sent to Sir George White by General Joubert; this fact confirms our belief that General Yule had to leave his wounded at Dundee. I may add that General Yule's force has now reached Ladysmith, and we hope to have shortly full information upon the dispositions which he made for his wounded before leaving. The House will be glad to know that we have a further report from Mafe-king. It was reported "all right" on the 21st inst.