HC Deb 24 October 1899 vol 77 cc572-3

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for War if any portion of the Supplementary Estimate in Vote 1 of the Army Estimates is to be applied to the maintenance of the families of married men, whether of those serving with the colours or of the Reserve now called upon for active service; if not, is it intended to ask Parliament for a grant sufficient to maintain the families of the married men during their absence in South Africa; and is he aware that in some places organisations are being formed for the purpose of appealing to the public for subscriptions on behalf of the families of the Reserve.


The separation allowance for the families of men serving in the field is provided in Vote 7—the wife has eightpence a day, and for each child, under sixteen if a girl, or fourteen if a boy, twopence. In addition there is an allotment from the man's pay in Vote 1 of fourpence for the wife and a penny for each child up to sixpence in all. The soldier may, at his option, agree to a higher stoppage being made for the benefit of his family.