HC Deb 28 March 1899 vol 69 c647

Arising out of the conversation on the adjournment last night, I wish to ask you, Mr. SPEAKER, for your ruling on a definite matter that is before the House. On March 6th the Education Code was laid in dummy on the Table of the House and it was not circulated among Members until March 21st. The question I desire to ask is, from which of those dates will the 30 days count as to the period on which the Code should lie on the Table of the House?


It was not quite certain last night what the facts were, but I have now ascertained that the Code was only laid in dummy on the Table of the House on March 6th, and I shall rule that the time runs from March 21st. I shall also give directions at the Table that where papers are brought to the Table under the provisions of a Statute which requires that they shall lie upon the Table for a certain period, no dummies shall be received, but that the full papers should be laid on the Table together with such a notice stating the date and the nature of the papers and the Statute and Section under which they are handed in, as will enable the clerks to know from and to what date the time will run. I shall rule now that the time runs in this particular case from March 21st, being the date from which the Code was actually brought in, or made available for Members.