HC Deb 28 March 1899 vol 69 c652

Perhaps before the Chief Secretary replies, I ought to reply to the question put to me by my honourable Friend the Member for Cardiff. My honourable Friend desires that I should give a pledge to find time for the discussion of a very important question relating to India, in which he takes a great and natural interest. The Government have not the least desire to avoid a discussion. On the contrary, we are of opinion that we have nothing except to gain by being given an opportunity of laying the arguments which have influenced us before the country. But my honourable Friend must be aware that in the present state of public business, in order to select one motion before the House for a particular favour, I should have to sacrifice for the motion Government time. Now it is not impossible, in spite of the difficulties which have arisen from the appearance of another resolution on the Paper of which my honourable Friend complains, that an opportunity may arise in the course of the next few weeks for my honourable Friend to lay his views before the House.