HC Deb 02 March 1899 vol 67 cc1057-8
MR. D. SULLIVAN (Westmeath, S.)

On behalf of the honourable Member for North Louth, I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland how much was advanced by the Irish Land Commission under the Arrears of Rent (Ireland) Act, 1882, section 16 (tenancies over £30 to £50 valuation) upon loan at £5 per cent. per annum; how much of that has been repaid, and what capital sum is duo; and for how many tenants were advances made; how many of the tenants and landlords to whom such advances or payments were made are now living in occupation or ownership of the lands out of which the rent charges are payable; whether the Land Commission would recommend that such rent charges should be extinguished or abated or compounded; and whether they would recommend a reduction in the rate of £5 per cent, for repayment should be made?


The amount advanced under the Arrears of Rent (Ireland) Act, 1882, section 16, was £27,010. The amount repaid to date is £9,000, and the capital amount outstanding is £18,010. Advances were made to 969 tenants. Payments continue to be made in the names of 814 of the tenants to whom advances were originally made. Payments are made in 66 cases in the names of the landlords for advances for which the tenants in such cases were primarily liable. In the remaining 89 cases the instalments are paid in the names of persons other than the tenants to whom the advances were made, or of the landlords in such cases.