HC Deb 29 June 1899 vol 73 c969

I beg to ask the Financial Secretary to the War Office whether the attention of the War Office has been called to the repeated acts of insubordination in the Guernsey Militia during May and June; if, on parade, on 22nd May, they hooted their Adjutant (Captain Pym), and refused to obey orders; whether, on 19th May, a triumphal procession was organised to receive the men imprisoned for insubordination on their release from gaol by the battalion; if, on 19th June, a resolution to return to duty was proposed and negatived by an enormous majority of the North Regiment; whether the Sark Artillery consists of two officers, including the surgeon, and no non-commissioned officers or men; if their guns are dismounted and the gun-carriages were sold at a bazaar; whether the cost of the Channel Islands Militia amounts to £6,900 per annum; and what is the object of retaining them on the Army List.


We have received the following telegram from the general officer commanding: 22nd May.—Hooting untrue, all drilled well under C.O., but Adjutant's order to dismiss disobeyed. 19th May.—Believe some friends with instruments met released prisoners when approaching homes. 20th June.—At a meeting of men's employers some votes for, large majority against resolution to continue drills, but parish constables have since reported that many in favour withheld hands and that large majority wish to finish drills. There are two officers belonging to the Sark Artillery, but neither men nor armament; nothing is known of the sale referred to. The total cost of the Channel Islands Militia is shown at page 232 of the Army Estimates as £27,300, of which, however, £5,530 is for non-effective charges. The best mode of dealing with the Channel Islands Militia is under the consideration of the Secretary of State.