HC Deb 12 June 1899 vol 72 cc991-2

Order for Second Reading read.

MR. BIGWOOD (Middlesex, Brentford)

This Bill merely provides that baths may be used for dancing and so on. In many districts the authorities have spent large sums of money for the purpose of putting up baths and washhouses under what is called the Adoptive Act, and they are very anxious indeed to make some use of them in the winter months. London already possesses that power, and I believe there is no objection to other authorities having the same.


The use of public baths for the purpose of entertainments is a very important question; we have purposely put a clause in the Act restricting such use, and until the matter can be discussed in the House in a proper way this Bill ought not to proceed.


I do appeal to the hon. Member to withdraw his opposition to this Bill. It seems to me to be ridiculous that we should have, in many cases, a magnificent building absolutely empty for the four or five winter months, when with a piano therein we could get the boys and girls out of the streets and give them a course of physical drill with simple accompaniments, which ought charm the hon. Gentleman the member for a Lanarkshire constituency. I appeal to the hon. Member to add to his many legislative attainments by getting the credit of allowing this simple Bill to pass through.


I object.

Second Reading deferred till Thursday.

Adjourned at ten minutes after Twelve o' clock.