HC Deb 20 July 1899 vol 74 c1368

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs if he can state approximately the present annual nett revenue of the Egyptian lighthouses after allowing for current expenditure, and also the total amount of the balance now accumulated to the credit of this fund; and, what prospect there may be of the balance thus obtained being devoted to the construction at an early date of the long desired lighthouses for the southern portion of the Red Sea.


The average annual nett income of the Egyptian Lighthouse Administration, after deducting expenditure, amounts to £45,000 Egyptian. The sum accumulated for the construction of Red Sea lights now amounts to £73,000 Egyptian. As I stated on the 11th ultimo, in answer to a question in this House, the Porte has now arranged for the construction of the four most needed lights in the Red Sea, and under these circumstances the eventual destination of the sum accumulated will remain a matter for future consideration.