HC Deb 11 July 1899 vol 74 cc480-1

I beg to ask the Lord Advocate if he will state at what places in Ross-shire efforts have been made to find properly qualified persons to take an interest in bee-keeping: and Will he state whether any fully-equipped hives, such as have been sent to the Island of Coll, have been offered to townships in the congested area of Ross-shire.


The Congested Districts Board has to the best of its ability communicated with the various congested districts through the assistance of various persons. I am not in a position to state categorically what exact places in Ross-shire have been approached as regards bee-keeping, which after all is only one of the many objects to which the efforts of the Congested Districts Board are directed. If the hon. Member is aware of any persons in Ross-shire qualified to keep bees he will do well to suggest to them to make application to the Congested Districts Board, when their request shall have most careful attention.