HC Deb 06 July 1899 vol 74 cc42-3

I have to ask leave to introduce a Bill to amend the law with respect to the salaries and allow- ances of the Commissioner, Receiver, and Assistant-Commissioners of the Metropolitan Police. I may state shortly that at present the Commissioner and Receiver and two Assistant-Commissioners have fixed salaries, limited by Act of Parliament and payable on the Votes, while the salary of one of the Assistant-Commissioners is paid out of the Police Fund. In addition these officers receive certain allowances paid partly out of the Votes and partly out of the Police Fund. The object of the Bill is to abolish these allowances, with the exception of an allowance for horse keep. It is proposed to charge the whole of the salaries of the Commissioner and Receiver on the Vote, and the salary of the Assistant- Commissioners partly on the Votes and partly on the Police Fund. I may add that the total charge of these salaries, as well as the proportion between the sums chargeable on the Votes and on the Police Fund, will not be materially changed.