HC Deb 16 February 1899 vol 66 cc1106-7

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for War whether it is the case that a new regulation has been issued regarding the sale of spirituous liquors in canteens, and that whereas it was formerly the case that such sale was strictly prohibited, no such restriction by the Queen's Regulations 1898 is now enforced; whether it is the case that by the same regulations as regards sergeants' messes the amounts due for issue of liquors can now at the discretion of the commanding officer be paid weekly instead of, as was formerly the case, having to be paid for on the spot, no credit being allowed; and whether a return to the former system could be made?


The sale of spirituous liquors in canteens at home stations is strictly prohibited by paragraph 2 of the rules for the management of the Refreshment Branches of Garrison and Regimental Institutes 1898. These regulations have the same validity as the Queen's Regulations, as will be seen by a reference to paragraph 998 of the latter. In sergeants' messes payments for liquor can now, according to Regulations, be made weekly or on the spot, at the discretion of the commanding officer. Previously this discretion was exercised, although no rules were laid down on the matter. The honourable Member will, no doubt, recollect that weekly payments were obligatory at Aldershot.