HC Deb 16 February 1899 vol 66 cc1103-4
MR. KEAKLEY (Devonport)

I beg to ask the President of the Local Government Board what provision is made by the Metropolitan Asylums Board for the five classes of children consigned to their care; which Metropolitan Board of Guardians have availed themselves of such provision; and how many children in each class have been thus dealt with by each Board so availing itself?


The Metropolitan Asylums Board have, I am informed, endeavoured to provide for children of the classes referred to, viz.: There has been great difficulty in obtaining premises for remand children owing to the fact that a special locality has to be selected, and more than one negotiation have recently fallen through, but active steps are being taken to find suitable premises. For Ophthalmic children, two sites have been purchased, one on the north, and the other on the south of the Thames, upon each of which it is intended to erect buildings to accommodate 350 children. With regard to children suffering from ringworm, the managers are now in negotiation for the acquisition of part of the property of the Sutton Schools, one of which they propose to use for this purpose. For children who, by reason of defect of intellect, cannot properly be trained in association with children in ordinary schools, the managers have provided a home for 20 girls; and 20 girls have been sent to the home by the Guardians of 10 of the London Unions. For convalescents, two sea-side homes have been provided for, one at Herne Bay for 134 children, and the other at Margate for 41 children. Two hundred and eighty-nine children have been admitted to these homes. The accommodation at Margate will be supplemented by two cottages, each to hold 25 children. Another site has been purchased on the South Coast on which to erect three houses to accommodate 25 children each. These arrangements, it is estimated, will provide for all the children requiring seaside air. All the Metropolitan Boards of Guardians, with four exceptions, have availed themselves of some of the accommodation provided by the managers. With regard to the last paragraph, I shall be very glad to give all the information I have, but it would take a very long time to give as an answer.

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