HC Deb 16 February 1899 vol 66 cc1126-7
MR. SPICER (Monmouth Boroughs)

I beg to ask the Parliamentary Charity Commissioner if he is aware of the feeling existing at Monmouth as to the working of the Scheme of 1893 for administering Jones' Monmouth Charity; and under what conditions or limitations as to consent or mode of application or otherwise can an amending Scheme be made by the Charity Commissioners for this Charity.


The Commissioners know of no feeling in opposition to the Scheme of 1893, but are aware of the existence of local opposition at Monmouth to the present application of the surplus income of Jones' Charity to the support of the system of secondary education for the County of Monmouth. That application was provided for by a Scheme established in 1894 under the provisions of the Welsh Intermediate Education Act, 1889. The apportionment of the income of Jones' Charity upon which the scheme of 1894 proceeds was made by a Scheme established in 1891. That Scheme was repeatedly published in the locality prior to its final approval, and its publication elicited no objection to the apportionment made. The Schemes in 1891 and 1894 have the effect of an Act of Parliament, and being made under the Endowed Schools Acts it is by the authority of Parliament alone that any alteration of the apportionment in question can be effected.