HC Deb 14 February 1899 vol 66 cc881-5

Motion made, and Question proposed— That the House do meet to-morrow at Two of the clock."—(The, First Lord of the Treasury.)


I oppose this Motion. I oppose it because I want to be politically consistent, and I could wish that honourable Gentlemen on both sides would follow so good an example. I understand the right honourable Gentleman's sole intention in moving this Resolution is that honourable Members may go to church between the hours of 12 and 2. We should do nothing of the kind. Those of us who want to go to church can, as honourable Gentlemen know, go at 8 o'clock in the morning; and, if honourable Members desire to go at 12, they can do so, if they will allow those of us who remain to conduct the business of the country. The Order is a sanctimonious sham, and does not appeal to anybody. I have made a study of the right honourable Gentleman the Leader of the House. On Friday night the right honourable Gentleman began the preliminary stage of the Closure, and in his most delightful manner expressed the hope that we

should defer all controversial matters to a later stage of the Session. But why should he take from us two precious hours of the time of this country that we are willing to give? Everybody knows that the Gentlemen who take either the Established Church side or the Catholic side go to church early in the morning, and not in the afternoon, and, therefore, the right honourable Gentleman is not in the slightest degree destroying the pious associations of the day. I am sure the right honourable Gentleman would be the last man in the world to advertise piety at such a cheap cost. For these reasons I oppose the Motion, and I will go to a Division if I am the only man to take this particular course. I feel very strongly on the subject, and next year, if I am spared, I will, following my right honourable Friend's example, move the appointment of a Select Committee to inquire whether any honourable Gentleman does go to church between the hours of 12 and 2 on Ash Wednesday.

Question put.

The House divided:—Ayes, 213; Noes, 142.—(Division List No. 8.)

Acland-Hood, Capt. Sir A. F. Atkinson, Rt. Hon John Banbury, Frderick George
Ambrose, William (Middlesex) Austin, Sir John (Yorkshire) Barnes, Frederic Gorell
Archdale, Edward Mervyn Bagot,Capt. Joseceline FitzRoy Barry,RtHnA H.Smith-(Hunts
Arnold-Forster, Hugh O. Balcarres, Lord Barry, Sir F. T. (Windsor)
Arrol, Sir William Balfour, Rt.Hn.A.J. (Manch'r) Bartley, George C. T.
Ashmead-Bartlett, Sir Ellis Balfour, Rt. Hn. G.W. (Leeds) Barton, Dunbar Plunket
Beach, RtHn. Sir M.H. (Bristol) Healy, Maurice (Cork) Penn, John
Beckett, Ernest William Healy, Timothy M. (N. Louth) Pilkington, Richard
Bethell, Commander Heath, James Platt-Higgins, Frederick
Biddulph, Michael Helder, Augustus Plunkett, Rt Hon. Horace G.
Bigwood, James Hill, Rt.Hn. A. Staveley(Staffs Power, Patrick Joseph
Blakiston-Houston, John Hill, Sir Edw. Stock (Bristol) Purvis, Robert
Blundell, Colonel Henry Hoare, E. Brodie (Hampstead) Rentoul, James Alexander
Bonsor, Henry Cosmo Orme Hoare, Samuel (Norwich) Ridley, RtHn Sir Matthew W.)
Boulnois, Edmund Holland, Hon. Lionel Raleigh Ritchie, Rt. Hon. Chas. T.
Brodrick, Rt. Hon. St. John Hornby, Sir William Henry Rothschild, Hon. Lionel Walter
Carlile, William Walter Howard, Joseph Round, James
Cavendish, R. F. (N. Lancs.) Hubbard, Hon. Evelyn Russell, Gen. F. S. (Chelten'm)
Cecil, Evelyn (Hertford, E.) Hudson, George Bickersteth Russell, T. W. (Tyrone)
Cecil, Lord Hugh (Greenwich) Hughes, Colonel Edwin Samuel, Harry S. (Limehouse)
Chaloner, Captain R. G. W. Hutchinson,Capt.G. W. Grice- Saunderson, Rt. Hn. Col. E. J.
Chamberlain, Rt. Hn. J. (Bir.) Hutton, John (Yorks, N.R.) Savory, Sir Joseph
Chaplin, Rt. Hon. Henry Jessel, Capt. Herbert Merton Seely, Charles Hilton
Charrington, Spencer Johnston, William (Belfast) Seton-Karr, Henry
Chelsea, Viscount Johnstone, Heywood (Sussex) Sharpe, William Edward T.
Cochrane, Hon. T. H. A. E. Kemp, George Shaw-Stewart, M.H. (Renfrew)
Coddington, Sir William Kenyon, James Simeon, Sir Barrington
Coghill, Douglas Harry King, Sir Henry Seymour Sinclair, Louis (Romford)
Cohen, Benjamin Louis Knowles, Lees Smith, Abel H. (Christchurch)
Collings, Rt. Hon. Jesse Lafone, Alfred Smith, James P. (Lanarks.)
Colston, Chas. E. H. Athole Laurie, Lieut.-General Smith, Hon. W. F. D. (Strand)
Cruddas, William Donaldson Lawrence,Sir E.Durning-(Corn Spencer, Ernest
Cubitt, Hon. Henry Lawson, John Grant (Yorks.) Stanley, Hon. A. (Ormskirk)
Curzon, Viscount Llewellyn, Evan H. (Somerset) Stanley, Edw. James (Somerset
Dalbiac, Colonel Philip Hugh Llewelyn, Sir Dillwyn-(Sw'sea) Stanley, Henry M. (Lambeth)
Dalrymple, Sir Charles Loder, Gerald Walter Erskine Stanley, Lord (Lancs)
Denny, Colonel Long, Col. C. W. (Evesham) Stewart,SirMark J. M'Taggart
Dickson-Poynder, Sir John P. Long, Rt. Hn. W. (Liverpool) Stirling-Maxwell, Sir John M.
Doughty, George Lopes, Henry Yarde Buller Stock, James Henry
Douglas, Rt. Hon. A. Akers- Lowe, Francis William Stone, Sir Benjamin
Drage, Geoffrey Lowles, John Strutt, Hon. Charles Hedley
Duncombe, Hon. Hubert V. Lowther, Rt. Hon. J. (Kent) Sturt, Hon. Humphrey Napier
Dyke, Rt. Hn. Sir William H. Loyd, Archie Kirkman Sullivan. T. D. (Donegal,W.)
Egerton, Hon. A. de Tatton Lucas-Shadwell, William Talbot, Lord E. (Chichester)
Fardell, Sir T. George Macaleese, Daniel Talbot, Rt.Hn. J.G.(Ox. Univ.)
Fergusson,RtHn.Sir J. (Manc'r Macartney, W. G. Ellison Thorburn, Walter
Field, Admiral (Eastbourne) Macdona, John Cumming Thornton, Percy M.
Finlay, Sir Robert Bannatyne Maclure, Sir John William Tritton, Chares Ernest
Fisher, William Hayes MArthur, Charles (Liverpool Valentia, Viscount
Fison, Frederick William M'Calmont, H. L. B. (Cambs.) Wanklyn, James Leslie
Folkestone, Viscount M'Calmont, Col. J. (Antrim,E.) Ward, Hn. Robert A. (Crewe)
Forster, Henry William M'Killop, James Warde, Lieut.-Col. C.E. (Kent)
Gibbons, J. Lloyd Maple, Sir John Blundell Warr, Augustus Frederick
Gilliat, John Saunders Mellor, Rt. Hn. J. W. (Yorks.) Webster, R. G. (St. Pancras)
Godson, Sir Augustus Fredr'k Meysey-Thompson, Sir H. M. Webster, SirR.E.(I. of Wight)
Goldsworthy, Major-General Milbank, Sir Powlett C. John Welby, Lieut,-Col. A. C. E.
Gordon, Hon. John Edward Monckton, Edward Philip Wentworth, Bruce C. Vernon-
Gorst, Rt Hon. Sir John E. Monk, Charles James Whiteley, George (Stockport)
Goschen,RtHnG. J. (StGeorge's Moon, Edward Robert Pacy Whitmore, Charles Algernon
Goschen, George J. (Sussex) More, Robert Jasper Williams, Jos. Powell (Birm.)
Goulding, Edward Alfred Morrell, George Herbert Wilson, J.W.(Worcestersh.N.)
Gray, Ernest (West Ham) Morton, A. H. A. (Deptford) Wodehouse, Rt. H. E.R.(Bath)
Gretton, John Mount, William George Wolff, Gustav Wilhelm
Greville, Hon. Ronald Murray, Rt. Hon. A. G. (Bute) Wortley, Rt. Hn. C.B. Stuart -
Gull, Sir Cameron Murray, Charles J. (Coventry) Wyndham, George
Hall, Rt. Hon Sir Charles Myers, William Henry Wyvill, Marmaduke D'Arcy
Halsey, Thomas Frederick Newdigate, Francis Alexander Younger, William
Hamilton, Rt. Hon. Lord G. Nicol, Donald Ninian
Hammond, John (Carlow) O'Neill, Hon. Robert Torrens TELLERS FOR THE AYES
Hanbury, Rt. Hon. Robert W. Orr-Ewing, Charles Lindsay Sir William Walrond and Mr. Anstruther.
Hanson, Sir Reginald Parkes, Ebenezer
Hardy, Laurence Pease, Herbert P. (Darlington)
Hare, Thomas Leigh Pender, Sir James
Allan, William (Gateshead) Atherley-Jones, L. Billson, Alfred
Allen, W. (Newc-under-Lyme) Austin, M. (Limerick, W.) Blake, Edward
Allison, Robert Andrew Baker, Sir John Brunner, Sir John Tomlinson
Ambrose, Robert (Mayo, W.) Barlow, John Emmott Bryce, Rt. Hon. James
Asher, Alexander Bayley, Thomas (Derbyshire) Burt, Thomas
Buxton, Sydney, Charles Hemphill, Rt. Hn. Charles H. Pinkerton, John
Caldwell, James Hogan, James Francis Pirie, Duncan V.
Campbell-Bannerman, Sir H. Humphreys-Owen, Arthur C. Provand, Andrew Dryburgh
Carew, James Laurence Hutton, Alfred E. (Morley) Reckitt, Harold James
Causton, Richard Knight Jacoby, James Alfred Redmond, J. E. (Waterford)
Cawley, Frederick Joicey, Sir James Reid, Sir Robert Threshie
Channing, Francis Allston Jones, Dd. Brynmor (Sw'sea) Richardson, J. (Durham)
Clough, Walter Owen Jones, Wm. (Carnarvonshire) Roberts, John Bryn (Eifion)
Colville, John Jordan, Jeremiah Roberts, John H. (Denbighs.)
Condon, Thomas Joseph Kay-Shuttleworth, Rt.H.SirU. Roche, John (East Galway)
Courtney, Rt. Hn. Leonard H. Kearley, Hudson E. Samuel, J. (Stockton-on-Tees)
Cozens-Hardy, Herbert Hardy Kinloch, Sir John Geo. Smyth Schwann, Charles E.
Crombie, John William Lambert, George Scott, Chas. Prestwich (Leigh)
Daly, James Langley, Batty Shaw, Thomas (Hawick B.)
Davies, M.Vaughan (Cardigan) Lawson, Sir Wilf. (Cumb'land) Shee, James John
Davitt, Michael Leese, Sir Jos. F. (Accrington) Sheehy, David
Dilke, Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Leng, Sir John Sinclair, Capt. J. (Forfarshire)
Dillon, John Lewis, John Herbert Souttar, Robinson
Donelan, Captain A. Lloyd-George, David Spicer, Albert
Doogan, P. C. Logan, John William Stanhope, Hon. Philip J.
Duckworth, James M'Arthur, William (Cornwall) Stevenson, Francis S.
Dunn, Sir William M'Ghee, Richard Strachey, Edward
Ellis, John Edward (Notts.) M'Laren, Charles Benjamin Sullivan, Donal (Westmeath)
Ellis, Thos. Ed. (Merionethsh.) Maddison, Fred. Tennant, Harold John
Engledew, Charles Jonn Maden, John Henry Thomas, Abel (Carmarthen,E.)
Evans, Sir F. H. (South'ton) Mandeville, J. Francis Thomas, Alf. (Glamorgan, E.)
Farquharson, Dr. Robert Mappin, Sir Frederick Thorpe Thomas, Dd. Alfred (Merthyr)
Fenwick, Charles Mendl, Sigismund Ferdinand Tully, Jasper
Ferguson, R. C. Munro (Leith) Morgan, J. Ll. (Carmarthen) Wallace, Robert (Edinburgh)
Ffrench, Peter Morley, Charles (Breconshire) Walton, J. Lawson (Leeds, S.)
Fitzmaurice, Lord Edmund Morris, Samuel Wayman, Thomas
Flynn, James Christopher Morton, Ed. J. C. (Devonport) Wedderburn, Sir William
Foster, Sir Walter (Derby Co.) Moss, Samuel Weir, James Galloway
Fowler, Rt. Hon. Sir Henry Murnaghan, George Whittaker, Thomas Palmer
Gibney, James Norton, Capt. Cecil William Williams, J. Carvell (Notts.)
Gilhooly, James Nussey, Thomas Willans Wilson, John (Falkirk)
Goddard, Daniel Ford O'Brien, Patrick (Kilkenny) Wilson, John (Govan)
Gold, Charles O'Connor, Jas. (Wicklow, W.) Woods, Samuel
Grey, Sir Edward (Berwick) O'Keeffe, Francis Arthur Young, Samuel (Cavan, East)
Haldane, Richard Burdon Paulton, James Mellor
Harwood, George Jease, Joseph A. (Northumb.) TELLERS FOR THE NOES
Hayden, John Patrick Perks, Bobert William Mr. MacNeill and Mr. Kilbride.
Hayne, Rt. Hn. Charles Seale- Philipps, John Wynford
Hedderwick, Thos. Chas. H. Pickersgill, Edward Hare
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