HC Deb 23 May 1898 vol 58 c411

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of Stats for War whether it is the intention of the Government, on the formation of the proposed new battalion of infantry, to give the usual grants in order to enable a band and officers' and sergeants' mess to be established; and, if so, what are the respective sums to be granted for these purposes to the new battalion; and what sums were granted on former occasions when new battalions were raised in a similar manner?


Grants of £150 in aid of the establishment of a mess and band, and of £30 in aid of the expenses of forming a sergeants' mess, have been approved for each of the new battalions of the Royal Fusiliers, Royal Warwickshire Regiment and Lancashire Fusiliers, and a grant of £30 has been approved for the sergeants' mess of each of the now battalions of the Coldstream and Scots Guards. So far as can be traced the same sums have been granted on former occasions when new battalions were similarly raised, but inquiries are being made at the Record Office for periods anterior to the War Office records.