HC Deb 17 May 1898 vol 57 cc1524-5

That they have agreed to—

Amendments to—

Edinburgh Merchant Company Bill [H.L.], without Amendment.

That they have passed a Bill intituled "An Act to authorise the Great North of Scotland Railway Company to widen, alter, and improve parts of their railway; to buy additional land; and for other purposes." [Great North of Scotland Railway Bill [H.L.]

Also a Bill intituled "An Act to confer powers upon the Midland Railway Company for the construction of railways from Royston to Bradford, in the West Riding of the County of York; and for other purposes." [Midland Railway (West Riding Lines) Bill.] [H.L.]

And also a Bill intituled "An Act to confer further powers upon the London and South Western Railway Company; to authorise them to execute further works and acquire additional lands; and to confer upon the Company and the London, Brighton, and South Coast Railway Company further powers for the purchase of lands; and for other purposes." [London and South Western Railway Bill.] [H.L.]