HC Deb 16 May 1898 vol 57 c1381
MR. HOBHOUSE (Somerset, E.)

I beg to ask the Vice-President of the Committee of Council on Education why Article 8 of the new Evening School Code prohibits pupil teachers from being registered as scholars; and if he is aware that in many country districts the teaching hitherto given in evening schools to pupil teachers is most highly valued in the absence of other classes for their instruction?


The Committee of Council had always discouraged the attendance of pupil teachers at evening schools, and refused any payment for them under the Evening Schools Code, on the ground that, if they are receiving the instruction required by their Memorandum of Agreement, attendance at an evening school would be excessive.


Is the right honourable Gentleman aware that in many country districts evening schools are the only means by which pupil teachers can get instruction in secondary subjects?


I am aware of that, but I am also aware that the powers of pupil teachers are limited. If pupil teachers are working in school all day and receiving instruction according to their articles, they are too exhausted to attend evening schools.