HC Deb 13 May 1898 vol 57 c1219
MR. SCHWANN (Manchester, N.)

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether Her Majesty's Government has been able to induce the French Government to agree to allow the word "cotonnades," in the Anglo-Tunisian Treaty with regard to the admittance of cotton goods into Tunis at a 5 per cent. ad valorem duty, to apply to all cotton goods of British origin, and not to a certain class only; and whether this favourable tariff is to be extended to cotton yarns?


The French have agreed to interpret the word "cotonnades" in the Convention as applying to all cotton tissues without exception. They will, therefore, be admitted into Tunis at the rate of 5 per cent ad valorem. This will not apply to cotton yarns.