HC Deb 05 May 1898 vol 57 cc399-400

I beg to ask the Secretary to the Treasury, in view of the fact that the Attorney General receives a salary of £7,000 and the Solicitor General £6,000, and that several thousand pounds a year are also paid to each of these officers in respect of contentious business under the Treasury Minute of the 5th July, 1895, will he consider the advisability of abolishing the existing arrangement in favour of one for a fixed salary to cover all business of whatever sort done by them in virtue of their office, as in the case of the Lord Advocate and the Solicitor General for Scotland?


The arrangements under which the Law Officers receive remuneration for all business done for any Department of Government, and are debarred from private practice, were carefully considered in 1895, when the Minute of 5th July of that year was issued. It is not proposed to alter it.