HC Deb 25 March 1898 vol 55 cc926-8
SIR W. HARCOURT (Monmouthshire, W.)

Can the Leader of the House give an indication of the order of the business to be taken on and after Monday next?


I will endeavour to satisfy the right hon. Gentleman, but I must first say that, with very great regret, I have come to the conclusion that on Monday I shall have to ask the House to give the Government three morning sittings on Tuesdays, on the 29th, the 5th, and the 19th. As the House knows, there was rather a disappointment yesterday with the progress of Government business; and if we are to proceed with she Irish Local Government Bill as soon as the Budget is brought in, I am afraid that I must ask the House for these morning sittings to enable us to get through a certain number of Second Readings, including that of the Greek Loan Bill and that of my right hon. Friend the First Commissioner of Works—the Public Buildings Bill. When that Motion has been disposed of on Monday, the Second Reading of the Greek Loan will be taken, and that of the Public Buildings Bill will follow. Then, if there is time, we shall resume the discussion of the Prisons Bill. On Tuesday morning we shall take the Committee stage of the Greek Loan Bill, and, when that has been disposed of, the Committee on the Public Buildings Bill. On Thursday I hope to devote almost the whole day, especially if the Greek Loan Bill is disposed of, to a discussion of the Scotch Private Bill Procedure Bill. On Friday we propose to get the Speaker out of the Chair on the Civil Service Estimates; and on Monday, 4th April, we shall hope to get the Second Reading of the Criminal Evidence Bill. On Tuesday, at the morning sitting, the Motion for adjournment over Easter will be made.


Are we to take the money Vote for the Irish Local Government Bill before Easter?


Perhaps the hon. Member will put that question down for Monday.

MR. J. BRYCE (Aberdeen, S.)

Docs the right hon. Gentleman contemplate taking the Second Reading of the London University Bill before Easter?


I have given the House an outline sketch of the business to be taken, but I must not be taken to bind myself as to details. My present intention is to take the London University Bill on the first Tuesday after the holidays; but these arrangements must partly depend on the progress made with business.