HC Deb 24 March 1898 vol 55 cc726-7
SIR JOHN MOWBRAY (Oxford University)

I beg, Sir, to move— That the Resolution of the Standing Orders Committee of the 8th day of March, with respect to the Filey Water and Gas Bill [H.L.] be referred back to the said Committee, and that they have power to inquire whether there are any special circumstances which render it just and expedient that the conditions upon which the Standing Orders were dispensed with in the said Resolution should be further modified in respect of the said Bill, so far as regards the townships of Gristhorpe and Lebberston. In moving this Resolution I may say that the Standing Orders Committee do not seek to make any substantial alteration in the Resolution of March 8th. The Committee reported that the Standing Orders should be dispensed with, and that the Bill should be allowed to proceed on certain conditions. One of these conditions had reference to the townships of Gristhorpe and Lebberston, and as some misconception appears to have arisen as to the precise meaning of the Chairman's Report the Standing Orders Committee are desirous of further considering that report as regards the townships I have already named. It is a small point.

Motion agreed to.

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