HC Deb 22 March 1898 vol 55 c554
MR. H. E. KEARLEY (Devonport)

I beg to ask the President of the Board of Agriculture whether his attention has been directed to the unanimous Resolution recently passed at a meeting of the Central Veterinary Society, to the effect that the reliability of mallein as a test for glanders in horses is thoroughly established, and that the use of this agent under legal regulations would expedite and cheapen the work of suppressing the disease; and whether, under the circumstances, the Board of Agriculture will so alter their regulation as to afford the necessary powers to local authorities for the proper employment of mallein?


Yes, I have seen the Resolution to which the hon. Member refers. With regard to the use of mallein, I would say that, although the diagnostic value of that substance is now well established, our knowledge with regard to its effect upon healthy horses, and as to its immunising and curative properties, is, as I am advised, far from being complete. It would therefore be premature, I think, to confer further powers upon local authorities with respect to its use, but the veterinary officers of my Department are making investigations on the subject, and it will continue to engage their attention.

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