HC Deb 10 March 1898 vol 54 c1244

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for War, as it appears from the Memorandum of the Secretary of State for War relating to the Army Estimates, 1898–9, that the total number of recruits raised during 1897 for the regular Army was 35,015, and as it appears from the Return presented to the House on the 28th February that 28,903 men under one year's service were serving on the 1st January, 1898, if he can state the causes that have led to the disappearance of over 6,000 men who enlisted in 1897 and were not serving on 1st January, 1898?


The number of soldiers of less than one year's service on the 1st January given in the Return quoted was 29,657, and not 28,903 as stated. Of the 35,015 enlisted during 1897, 1,293 were recruits for Colonial Corps, who were not included in the 29,657. All the returns as to the other casualties have not been received, but it is estimated that 3,150 left within three months of enlistment by purchase of discharge, discharged as unfit, etc., and that 915 deserted. This accounts for the difference between the totals.