HC Deb 07 March 1898 vol 54 cc853-4
MR. JOHN HUTTON (Yorkshire. N.R., Richmond)

I beg to ask the President of the Board of Agriculture whether, in view of the great decrease of swine fever in the North Riding of Yorkshire, he can relax the restrictions with regard to the sale of pigs within some districts of the Riding; whether he can remove the Rabies Muzzling Order from the Western parts of the North Riding, which consists chiefly of moorlands and sheep farms; and will he undertake to publish diagrams showing the extent of rabies in England on 1st March, 1897, and 1st March, 1898?


Although there has been some decrease in swine fever in the North Riding, the re-appearance of the disease from time to time indicates that it still lingers, and that there remain undiscovered centres of infection from which it may spread. I regret, therefore, that it is not possible for me to give effect to the wish expressed by my hon. Friend. With regard to rabies, the position of the western part of the North Riding has greatly improved, and if the improvement be maintained I trust that I may be able at no distant date to give relief in the direction suggested. We propose in connection with the Annual Report of proceedings under the Diseases of Animals Acts for the year 1897, which will shortly be issued, to publish a series of maps illustrating the progress made in the suppression of rabies.