HC Deb 24 June 1898 vol 60 c23
MR. MONCKTON (Northants, N.)

I beg to ask the President of the Board of Trade whether the Great pastern Railway Company have made any, and, if so, what, effort to redeem the promise made to him to improve their station at Peterborough; whether the plans then produced for various alterations have been proceeded with; and, if so, to what extent; why the matter should be continually delayed, and when the work will be carried out; whether the inspectors of the Board of Trade have reported that the existing conditions under which all traffic is carried on at the station and its approaches are perfectly satisfactory and consistent with public safety, especially having regard to excursions and times of special pressure, and that the means of access to the Island platform is safe, convenient, and proper; and whether the Board of Trade are able to enforce existing bye-laws and can compel the Great Eastern Railway Company to carry them out at this station?


The Board of Trade, have continued negotiations with the company on this subject, and as recently as the 1st of this month they heard from the manager of the Great Eastern that the proposal to provide a large station at Peterborough, to accommodate the traffic of all the companies, is still engaging attention, but the difficulties, which are considerable, have not yet been overcome. The Board were further informed that the company had instructed their engineer to carry out in the meantime certain works at the existing stations estimated to cost £9,500. The reply to the fourth paragraph of the Question is in the negative, and I am bound to say that, although the Board recognise that the work about to done will be a great improvement, it is very doubtful whether the Department can pass the plans as altogether satisfactory. I am not sure that I understand my honourable Friend's reference to by laws in the fifth paragraph; but, in the event of the Great Eastern carrying out the works to which I have referred, they will have to submit the station to the Board of Trade for rein-spection.