HC Deb 15 June 1898 vol 59 cc383-4

(Committee Stage.)

Upon clause 1,

SIR W. CAMERON GULL (Devon, Barnstaple)

I may explain that all this Bill proposes to do is to give the urban councils and councils of boroughs the same powers as parish councils already have. There are parts of boroughs and urban districts remote from the centre of population which are unable to get these facilities, and are thus excluded from the benefits which they would get if they were separate districts.

Clauses 1 and 2 agreed to without a Division.

MR. J. CALDWELL (Lanark, Mid)

I beg to move the following new clause— This Act shall not apply to Scotland or Ireland.


Might I appeal to the honourable Member not to press this new clause? Perhaps it would save time if this clause is not allowed to extend to Ireland, because it is to be tacked on to the Irish Local Government Bill.


One is the counterpart of the other, and for uniformity's sake it should apply to both.

New clause read a second time, and added to the Bill without a Division.

Bill, as amended, ordered to be reported to the House.