HC Deb 10 June 1898 vol 58 c1309

I beg to ask the First Lord of the Treasury whether, seeing that any memorial which, in pursuance of the Resolution o this House and at the public charge, may be erected to Mr. Gladstone in Westminster Abbey, will so soon as erected by entirely under the control of the Dean and Chapter of the Abbey, and may at any time be removed or altered by them without the sanction of this House, in like manner as memorials similarly erected by Parliament in St. Paul's Cathedral have been removed and altered he will grant facilities this Session for the passing into law of the National Monuments in Churches Bill, which is intended to prevent the removal or alteration, unless Parliamentary sanction be first obtained, of monuments erected in churches or cathedrals out of public moneys in pursuance of a Vote by Parliament?


I suppose that my honourable Friend in putting this question has in mind the matter in which he took a strong personal interest in regard to an incident connected with a monument in St. Paul's Cathedral. I do not think there is any imminent danger that the Dean and Chapter are likely to interfere with the monuments in Westminster Abbey, and therefore the danger to which he alludes cannot be described as a pressing one.


Does the right honourable Gentleman realise that a future Dean and Chapter may possibly take steps to remove monuments?

[No Reply.]