HC Deb 11 July 1898 vol 61 cc580-1

Page 5, lines 9 and 10, leave out 'enlargement or improvement.' Page 5, line 28, after the first 'declaration,' insert 'whether a general declaration or a declaration respecting a new road.' Page 5, line 35, after 'adopt,' insert 'the.' Page 5, line 36, at end, insert 'the declaration, unless suspended as hereinafter mentioned, shall come into operation at the date of its final adoption, or any later date specified in the declaration.' Page 6, line 10, leave out sub-section (8), and insert it after sub-section (9), at page 6, line 15. Page 6, line 10, leave out 'mail' and insert 'main.' Page 6, line 12, leave out 'suspended declaration' and insert 'declaration suspended while an appeal is pending.' Page 6, line 16, after 'prevent' insert 'the whole or.' Page 6, line 17, leave out from 'one-half of the' to end of clause and insert 'expenses of the maintenance of any road heretofore leviable wholly off the county at large, or of the expenses of the maintenance or construction of any bridge from being levied off the county at large.'

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