HC Deb 07 July 1898 vol 61 cc160-1

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether maps are in course of preparation showing the delimitations of territory made by the recent Niger Convention between England and France, and whether any such map will be issued as a Parliamentary Paper in view of the commercial interests such territorial arrangements affect; and is he aware that in the Royal Geographical Society's Journal for July there is a map of Raven- stein's showing the northernmost limit of British territory as 11° 20′, and a similar map is issued in the journal, Le Tour du Monde, No. 27, of 2nd July?


A map will be presented with the Convention in the Treaty series. The honourable Member must have been misinformed as to the map in the Geographical Journal to which he alludes, for on looking at it I find that the northernmost limit of British territory is not drawn at 11° 20, which would have been incorrect, but is drawn at the distance of 50 miles to the north of Sokoto, and somewhat to the north of the 14th parallel, which is correct. I cannot speak for the map in the Tour du Monde, which I have not seen.

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