HC Deb 11 February 1898 vol 53 cc370-1

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland whether, in view of the importance to the South of Ireland of facilitating tourist and other traffic on the Blackwater, and of the fact that the grant under the Railway Act is not legally available for the purpose, steps will be taken to provide the small sum required for the removal of the mud banks which at present impede navigation between Youghal and Cappoquin, from some other source?


The Board of Works report that there is no existing fund from which the capital expenditure mentioned in the first paragraph can be provided. The removal of the mud banks would not remove the impediments to navigation. In order to secure a non-tidal service available in summer for even a steamer drawing only two feet a portion of the river between Kilahala and Cappoquin must be deepened by means of a cut, costing some £5,000, and involving an expenditure of £500 a year for maintenance. The river would also require to be deepened at various places below Kilahala at a cost of £1,000, and an annual expenditure of £20 to £100. It is difficult to secure real improvement except by canalisation in cases like this, where the river-bed is above tidal low water and consists of unstable sand and gravel shoals.


Upon that, might I ask the right hon. Gentleman whether he is of opinion that some expenditure would not be warranted on it?

No answer.