HC Deb 12 August 1898 vol 65 cc29-32

House resumed at 2.30, when MR. SPEAKER took the Chair.

Captain BUTLER, Yeoman Usher of the Black Rod, appeared at the door of the House, and, having been admitted with the usual formalities, summoned the Speaker and Members of the House of Commons to the House of Peers to hear the Royal Commission read.

Mr. SPEAKER, attended by the Members present, proceeded to the House of Peers, and the Royal Assent was given to the following Acts:—Appropriation Act; Vexatious Actions (Scotland) Act; Parish Fire Engines Act; University of London Act; Vagrancy Act Benefices Act; Circuit Clerks (Scotland) Act; Prison Act; Revenue Act; Universities and College Estates Act; Libraries (Offences) Act; Criminal Evidence Act; Local Government (Ireland) Act; Metropolitan Poor Act; Merchant Shipping (Mercantile Marine Fund) Act; Trusts (Scotland) Act; Vaccination Act; Local Taxation Account (Scotland) Act; Out-door Relief (Ireland) Act; Seed Supply and Potato Spraying (Ireland) Act; Kingstown Township (Transfer of Harbour Roads) Act; Metropolitan Commons Act; Expiring Laws Continuance Act; Public Works Loans Act; Inebriates Act; Marriage Act; Elementary School Teachers (Superannuation) Act; Post Office (Local Authority Guarantee) Amendment Act; Education Department Provisional Order Confirmation (London) Act; Electric Lighting Orders Confirmation (No. 5) Act; Electric Lighting Orders Confirmation (No. 7) Act; Electric Lighting Orders Confirmation (No. 8) Act; Electric Lighting Orders Confirmation (No. 15) Act; Tramways Orders Confirmation (No. 1) Act; Tramways Orders Confirmation (No. 3) Act; Local Government Board's Provisional Order Confirmation (No. 10) Act; Local Government Board's Provisional Orders Confirmation (No. 13) Act; Metropolitan Commons (East Sheen) Supplemental Act; Military Lands Provisional Orders Confirmation (No. 2) Act; India Office (Store Depot) Act; Buckie (Cluny) Harbour Act; Great North of Scotland Railway Act; Newhaven and Seaford Water Act; Exeter Railway Act; Sheffield Electric Lighting (Transfer) Act; London County Council (General Powers) Act; London County Council (Money) Act; Mid-Kent Water Act; Sheffield District Railway Act; Carlisle Corporation (Water) Act; Forres Water Act; Newcastle-upon-Tyne Corporation (New Infirmary Site) Act; North British Railway (General Powers) Act; Portsmouth Corporation Tramways Act: Filey Water and Gas Act; Newcastle and Gateshead Waterworks Act; Devonport and District Tramways Act; Chelsea Electricity Supply Act; London and North Western Railway Act; Metropolitan Electric Supply Company Act; Rochdale Corporation Water Act; Sea-ham Harbour Dock Act; Wath-upon-Dearne Urban District Council Water Act; Windsor and Ascot Railway Act; Heywood Waterworks (Transfer) Act; Todmorden Corporation Water Act; Bolton, Turton, and Westhoughton Extension Act; Glasgow Corporation (Sewage, etc.) Act; Knott End Railway Act; Rhymney and Aber Valleys Gas and Water Act; Kingstown and Kingsbridge function Railway (Abandonment) Act; Mersey Railway (Capital) Act; Lancashire, Derbyshire, and East Coast Railway Act; Lincoln and East Coast Railway and Dock Act; Middlesex County Council Act; Liverpool Corporation Act; Fishguard and Rosslare Railways and Harbours Act; Great Central Railway Act; Great Western Railway {New Works) Act; Keighley Corporation Act; London United Tramways Act; Paignton Improvement Act; St. Helens Corporation Act; West Ham Corporation Act; Wey Valley, Frimley, and Farnham Water Act; Whitechapel and Bow Railway Act; Cardiff Railway Act.