HC Deb 11 August 1898 vol 64 c911
MR. W. ABRAHAM (Cork Co., N.E.)

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for War if, in view of the fact that the five years' term of command of the general officer of the Cork military district will soon expire, the military authorities will consider the many advantages which would arise by changing the residence of the general officer from Cork to Fermoy, owing to the necessity of having the large force at Kilworth Camp under his constant personal supervision; whether a considerable portion of the time of the general officer is now spent in travelling to and from Kilworth Camp, the most important scene of his duties; and will the question of changing the headquarters from Cork military district to Fermoy be taken into consideration?


The Kilworth Camp is a summer camp, and is not the most important scene of the duties of the general officer commanding the district. It is only two hours' distant by railway from headquarters. It is not considered advisable to change the headquarters from Cork to Fermoy.