HC Deb 31 May 1897 vol 49 c1627

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for India on what ground natives of India are excluded from competing in the examinations held in London and Calcutta for the higher offices in the Indian police; and on what grounds the house allowances, amounting in the aggregate to Rs.90,000 per annum, granted to European and Eurasian telegraph masters and signallers in India, are withheld from natives of India holding the same appointments?


As regards the Indian police officers recruited in this country, it is thought, in view of the nature of their duties, to be essential that the conditions for admission to compete should be identical with those for commissions in the British Army. As regards those who are selected in India, a discretion is allowed to each separate Government, and, as at present advised, I see no reason to call in question the manner in which they have exercised it. I have no knowledge of the distinction which the hon. Gentleman alleges to be drawn between Europeans and Eurasians on the one hand and natives of India on the other, but I will make inquiry on the subject.