HC Deb 28 May 1897 vol 49 c1592

On the Motion "That the House do I now adjourn,"


said: At Question time I threw out a suggestion in regard to the holidays and the possible necessity or desirability of suspending the Twelve o'clock Rule in order that our holidays might be extended to June 17th instead of only to the 14th. I have made such inquiries as I can in different quarters, and I find that on the one hand there is a strong objection to suspending the Twelve o'clock Rule, and that, on the other hand, there is a general desire to get through the work of the Committee stage of the Workmen (Compensation for Accidents) Bill as soon as possible. Under these circumstances I do not propose to take any steps on Monday next. ["Hear, hear!"]

Adjourned at Five Minutes after Twelve o'Clock till Monday next.