HC Deb 27 May 1897 vol 49 cc1427-8
MR. W. JONES (Carnarvon, Arfon)

On behalf of the hon. Member for West Denbighshire (Mr. HERBERT ROBERTS), I beg to ask the Secretary of State for India whether 200 rifles and 50 sabres of the Deoli irregular force have been ordered to Jhalrapatan in view of the unsettled condition of the State of Jhalawar; and whether, seeing that the unrest which this force is intended to deal with is the result of the long period of uncertainty as to the future government of the State, will he consider the advisability of restoring His Highness the late Maharaja. Rana to the Gadi, with limited powers and an experienced Political Agent?


I have received no official information as to the movement of troops to which the Question refers, but assuming that such a movement of troops has occurred, I cannot admit the hon. Member's view as to its cause. As regards the restoration of the Maharaja Rana, I informed the hon. Member on July 21 last year that the decision of the Government of India, was final, and I see no reason for altering the view that I then expressed.

MR. PARKER SMITH (Lanark, Partick)

Arising out of this, I wish to ask the Secretary of State for India a Question of which I have given him private notice—whether, in view of the misconduct of the late Maharaja Rana and the failure of heirs, he is not prepared to terminate the uncertainty by restoring Jhalawar to the original parent State of Kotah; and whether such action would not be most in accordance with Rajput customs and the desires of Rajputs?


It is true that the greater part of Jhalawar was part of Kotah, and was ceded on the condition that in the event of the failure of heirs it should lapse to Kotah. Such an arrangement would be in accordance with treaty obligation, and not, I believe, repugnant to the wishes of a majority of the inhabitants.