HC Deb 13 May 1897 vol 49 c393
Mr. JOHN MORLEY (Montrose; Burghs)

I do not know whether the First Lord of the Treasury can give the House any information as to whether an armistice has been arrived at between Greece and Turkey?


No, Sir. I am afraid that I have I no information to convey to the House. I did get private notice from the right hon. Gentleman a little after Five o'clock, but I know that he is very particular that an identic statement should be made in both Houses, and in order that that may be obtained I must have an opportunity of consulting the Foreign Secretary. On this occasion I have not had that opportunity. [Laughter and cheers.]


I may say that I did not at all expect or ask the right hon. Gentleman to make an identic statement, but I should have been glad if he could have given any statement at all on a subject which is of great interest to the House and to the public. ["Hear, hear!"]