HC Deb 13 May 1897 vol 49 cc378-9

I beg to ask the President of the Local Government Board, referring to their circular letter of the 29th March, 1889, whether sufficient experience has now been gained, since the passing of the Local Government Act, 1888, to enable them to prescribe the form in which the accounts of the receipts and expenditure of County Councils shall be kept?


The Local Government Board have prescribed a form of financial statement for County Councils, which has served as a basis upon which the County Council have modelled the accounts of their receipts and expenditure, and uniformity in the system of keeping the accounts generally has to a great extent been secured by the action of the District Auditors. The form of accounts with respect to the administration of the Technical Instruction Act is less settled than other accounts of the County Councils, and I am advised that it is expedient that some, further experience should be obtained with regard to this branch of the accounts before an Order is issued. I may say, however, that the question of the issue of an Order will not be lost sight of.