HC Deb 30 March 1897 vol 48 c108
MR. JAMES STUART (Shoreditch, Hoxton)

I beg to ask the President of the Local Government Board what steps he will take, in establishing the proposed central poor law authority for sick children in the Metropolis, to compensate the Guardians of Shoreditch for the large expenditure they have undertaken with the sanction of the Local Government Board for the treatment at the cottage homesat Hornchurch of children suffering from ophthalmia and other diseases now proposed to be treated by the Central Board?


The Local Government Board are aware that the Guardians of the parish of Shoreditch have two cottages in connection with their cottage homes at Hornchurch in which children suffering from ophthalmia and skin disease have been placed. These cottages are not necessarily occupied by children of the classes referred to. When the Guardians proposed their erection they stated that they would be available for sick or healthy children as might be required. According to a return obtained last month, the Guardians had in the cottage for children suffering from skin disease 24 patients, and the accommodation was fully occupied. Apart from infirmary accommodation, the schools are already full, and the increased accommodation is already needed. Seven patients were occupying the cottage for ophthalmic cases, which provides accommodation for 24 children. The educational arrangements for the children are not satisfactory, and when the cases referred to are removed as proposed, the Guardians will have available for other children the accommodation thus set free. There is not in my opinion any ground for compensasation in the case. Under the scheme prepared by the Local Government Board, there would be provided an additional ordinary cottage home for 24 children, which is now utilised for seven ophthalmic cases. We are not aware precisely to what extent there is vacant accommodation in the school, but if there is any such accommodation, there are Guardians of other Unions who would be willing to avail themselves of it and pay for the accommodation.