HC Deb 18 March 1897 vol 47 c928

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland whether he is prepared to grant an Inquiry into the system of management and distribution of the Royal Irish Constabulary Force Fund; whether he is aware of the fears of contributors to this fund that it is at present in an insolvent position; and whether, in the event of being unable to assent to an Inquiry, he will cause Papers to be laid upon the Table of the House showing actuarial vouchers for the present state of the accounts?


I have no evidence before me that any inquiry is called for into the system of management and distribution of the Fund. The Fund was placed in a solvent position by the grant of £150,000 made to it by the Parliamentary Vote of 1891. An actuarial investigation into the position of the Fund, as at the 31st March 1893, showed that it was then in possession of a surplus of assets, and the progress of the receipts and expenditure since that date tends to show, to the satisfaction of the National Debt Commissioners, that it remains in a solvent position.