HC Deb 09 March 1897 vol 47 cc289-90
MR. G. H. MORRELL (Oxon, Woodstock)

I beg to ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether Land Tax re- deemed but not exonerated, and therefore continued on the assessment, comes within the operation of Section 31 of the Finance Act 1896; whether the occupier of land on which this is charged can be called upon to pay more than 1s. in the pound on the annual value of the land; and whether provision for compensation to the redemptioner upon a diminution taking place, in consequence of the above 1s. limitation is still contemplated in the direction of his receiving back the difference from the receiving officer or a proportionate amount of the capital stock originally transferred for redemption?


said: Properties on which the Land Tax has been redeemed but not exonerated continue subject to assessment at the same rate as other unexonerated properties in the same parish, and may or may not be affected by the provisions of Section 31 of the Finance Act of 1896. In any parish where a portion of the quota is remitted under this section properties on which the tax has been redeemed but not exonerated will share in the remission. The purchaser of the tax, however, is entitled to receive the full amount of the tax redeemed in the contract under which he claims, and this right is not affected by the Finance Act of 1896.