HC Deb 21 June 1897 vol 50 c438
Sin J. DICKSON-POYNDER (Wilts, Chippenham)

inquired if any arrangements had been made whereby Members could witness the Review at Aldershot?


Every Member of the House will be entitled to a free place in the stands which will be erected near the saluting point at the Review on July 1. Special trains will be provided, and transport from Farnborough Station at a cost for each ticket of £1. The free tickets for stands and the train tickets will be non-transferable. Members desiring to obtain a second ticket can have one on payment of 15s. for the stand and £1 for transport. Applications for tickets should be made to Mr. Speaker's Secretary not later than Friday evening next, after which no applications can be entertained. These applications should specify whether railway and transport tickets are required or not. The Review will take place about 5 p.m. About 4,000 seats have been erected for sale to. the general public at prices from 30s. to 15s. each. Applications for the purchase of these tickets should be addressed to the General Officer commanding at Aldershot.