HC Deb 03 June 1897 vol 50 cc251-3

(1.) Section 12 of the Revenue Act 1884 (which relates to the sale of tobacco in railway carriages under the licence of the Commissioners of Inland Revenue) shall apply in the case of omnibuses, tramway cars and tramway carriages, as it applies in the case of railway carriages, and shall apply to tile proprietors of any such omnibuses, tramway cars, or tramway carriages as it applies to the proprietors of railway carriages or to a railway company.

(2) The expression "omnibus" in this section has the same meaning as in the Town Police Clauses Act 1889, and includes a "stage carriage" within the meaning of the Metropolitan Public Carriage Act 1869.

MR. LLOYD-GEORGE (Carnarvon Boroughs) moved to report Progress.


hoped the hon. Gentleman would not persist in his Motion. At the present time tobacco and cigarettes could be sold in railway carriages for the convenience of passengers, and also, no doubt, to the advantage of the revenue. It was desirable to extend the power of sale to omnibuses and tramway cars. It was a very small matter and he hoped the hon. Member would, therefore, withdraw his Motion.


asked, would the Chancellor of the Exchequer suggest in regard to the people who bought cigars and cigarettes on the top of omnibuses, that it should be obligatory upon them to sit in the back seat when they smoked.

MR. P. A. M'HUGH (Leitrim, N.)

also moved to report Progress.


pointed out that this Bill was exempted from the Twelve o'clock Rule.


proposed only to take those clauses which he had placed on the Paper and that of the hon. Member for North Islington. He had then agreed with the lion. Member for East Mayo that progress should be reported.

MR. J. SAMUEL (Stockton)

thought it would be a serious inconvenience to ladies if gentlemen were permitted to smoke in omnibuses and tram cars.


pointed out that smoking was not permitted inside these vehicles now, and the clause left the matter where it stood. Smoking, however, was allowed outside. The clause would simply permit of the sale of tobacco and cigarettes in omnibuses and tram cars.


admitted that people were allowed to smoke now on omnibuses and tram cars, but this clause would increase the facilities whilst he scarcely thought it was fair to trades-people.

Clause read a Second time, and ordered to stand part of the Bill.

*THE CHANCELLOR OF THE EXCHEQUER moved the following clause:— Where under the power conferred by any Act any county council or municipal corporation issue bills repayable not later than 12 months from their date those bills shall, notwithstanding that by the same or any other Act they are charged or secured on any property, fund, or rate, and that the statutory charge referred to in the Bill be treated for the purpose of the Stamp Act 1891, and the Acts amending that Act, as promissory notes and not as marketable securities. He said that under the present law the stamp duty on such Bills was such an addition to the rate of interest as to prohibit their issue. If the clause were carried the duty would be only 1s. per cent.

MR. B. L. COHEN (Islington, E.)

thanked his right hon. Friend for this clause. He thought it was very desirable that the County Council should have this power.

Clause read a Second time, and ordered to stand part of the Bill.

MR. G. C. T. BARTLEY (Islington, N.) moved the following clause:—